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Dina Gregory is a Virginia-based storyteller and lyricist. Her work spans opera, musical theatre, audio drama and choral music. 


As bookwriter-lyricist, her musicals include “T-Room” (Endstation Theatre Company, 2023),  “Hello Sky,” about artist Georgia O’Keeffe (OperaLancaster, 2010),  and “Willy & Rupert” (O’Neill National Theatre Conference, 2005). As lyricist, her works include “My Marcello” (Broadway Records, 2021), “Grateful” (Hear Her Song, 2019), and popular choir piece “Angel Breathing Out” (Heritage Music, 2007).


As author, Dina has penned over twenty stories for Audible, including short stories “Gingerella” and “The Chocolate Tree,” a multi-cast adaptation of “The Wind in the Willows” (2020) and an immersive retelling of “The Little Mermaid,” narrated by platinum-selling artist Leigh-Anne Pinnock (2023). 


Many of Dina’s projects are written with her twin-sister, composer Rosabella Gregory. Their latest collaboration is an opera based on Dina’s short story “The Haberdasher Prince,” commissioned by the Lyric Opera of Kansas City (April, 2024).

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